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Here you can find information about what type of personal and aggregated information we receive and collect when you use the site IMG TRUCKING INC and how to protect it from third parties.

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Personal information
This type of information is required for some services at voluntary registration. Personal information may include email address, password, gender, date of birth, interests, hobbies and the like. This information allows us to improve our website and make it more convenient and easier to use.
This information is not shared with anyone outside the group IMG TRUCKING INC and will not be sold or rented to anyone without your personal consent. Provision of information can happen in the event of a request from the relevant state authorities, specified by law.

Summary information
Log Files. Like many other sites, and we receive information from the log files. The information contained in these files include: IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), your browser when you visit the group site (such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), the time you spent on a site and which pages the site you visited.
Cookies (Cookie) is a small amount of information that a Web server sends the web browser allowing the server to collect feedback from your browser. You can choose to delete or our third camp cookies through the options of any browser. This can affect the interaction with our site or another. More information about cookie can find

IMG TRUCKING INC reserves the right to allow third-party companies to show ads or collect information about sites from group as recorded information from cookies or web directories on your computer.

IMG TRUCKING INC not publish or distribute materials, texts and / or images (incl. Photos) with foreign copyright or other legally protected rights of third parties, without explicitly mention this without any explicit consent of the holder of those rights, including not to publish and not to distribute photos in an apparent field present images of third parties who have not given their explicit consent to the publication of the photographs on this site.

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